The intoxication of paragliding south of Agadir

In winter, the south of Agadir is a "hot spot" for paragliding. Constant winds coming from the Atlantic, the trade winds allow superb flights along the cliffs that border this portion of the sea, as shown in the video above from Atlas Parapente . The flight sites are located in Tifnit , 40 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles, in Aglou, Mirleft, Legzira and Sidi Ifni.

These sites are accessible with normal vehicles. A 4x4 is not absolutely necessary. However, you have to pay attention to the terrain: some sections are track. With a little skill, avoiding the portions of sand, nothing impassable.  

As one of the gadiris paragliding specialists, Marc d'Haenen, underlines, "the landscapes are magnificent, the sunsets superb, the wild atmosphere guaranteed and like the gulls, the paragliders go back and forth, carried by the breeze".

What are the steps to take to fly a paraglider in Morocco? Read the necessary information by clicking on this link .