La salle intérieure

La salle intérieure

Avec, au fond, une fresque de Tafraout, commune d'origine du propriétaire de la chaîne Oasis Café et Tafernout, le dirigeant et milliardaire berbère Aziz Akhannouch

Oasis Café et Tafernout

Oasis Café et Tafernout

Une enseigne qui fait partie d'une chaîne marocaine aux origines berbères

Terrasse couverte

Terrasse couverte

Reposante, face à un jardin luxuriant

Installation de jeux

Installation de jeux

Moderne et complète, elle est appréciée des enfants

Oasis Café Tafernout Aéroport Agadir

Café Oasis and Tafernout at the exit of the airport

Practical and modern, the Café Oasis et Tafernout has a large terrace overlooking a garden and children's games. It is relatively expensive for Morocco.

The Café Oasis et Tafernout restaurant is located just outside the perimeter of Agadir Al Massira airport, along the Agadir-Taroudant express road, 20 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles . Tafernout means "traditional oven" in the Berber language. We will therefore taste the traditional bread pancake, pleasantly crispy.

Modern map

The locals often prefer the indoor, air-conditioned room, while foreigners tend to set their sights on the vast covered terrace, leaning against a lush garden. Tranquility guaranteed, despite the proximity to the airport!

L'Oasis Café et Tafernout belongs to a Moroccan chain, local version and more authentic than McDonald's . It is a chain owned by Berber leader and billionaire Aziz Akhannouch . The card turns out to be smart. You can find a tagine or a barbecue as well as fries, served in portions or as an accompaniment. The weight of the portions is your choice, a modern formula which is very rare in the South of Morocco. Menu for children up to 12 years old. They appreciate the vast play area.

Service with a smile, but sometimes slow. We are in Morocco ... No alcohol. On the other hand, luxury ice cream from Häagen Dazs . Open 7 days a week and until early evening. Relatively high prices for the country. The WI-FI link which worked for free and without a code has been removed. Pity !

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Brother restaurant in Agadir, near the Asswak Assalam supermarket , on the Eastern Bar.

Useful shop

Outside, useful shop for small basic purchases (no fresh merchandise, drinks and ice cream aside). Quite expensive washing station. The staff at the shop and at the resort make up for it with their kindness (especially if you know how to do it).

L'Oasis Café et Tafernout was ranked two out of three hearts. We withdrew the second core from the removal of the free Wi-Fi connection, which was accompanied by a general decline in the quality of services. For Wi-Fi, it is better to rely on that of the Jardin aux Etoiles.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

About 20 minutes
from the Garden to the Stars
according to Google Maps, which tends to underestimate the time savings resulting from the use of the Agadir-Taroudant express road