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Weather of the Garden of Stars : dry and healthy climate

The weather in Agadir is exceptional : 320 days of sunshine are guaranteed annually. It is always warm or sweet. The situation of the Garden of Stars is even more favorable.


Located inland, 25 km from the Atlantic Ocean, your riad rental enjoys a dry climate, particularly beneficial for health (rheumatism, asthma, fibromyalgia, etc.). Unlike Taroudant, The Garden of Stars benefits from the ocean breeze, which rises early in the afternoon and is particularly popular on hot summer days.


No fog at the Garden of Stars


Frequent fog at the ocean's edge due to thermal shock between ground and Atlantic temperatures does not reach inland. Your riad for rent is exempt. However, it can happen that low clouds wait until mid-morning to get up, leaving place for a sparkling sun.

​Agadir : 5 days forecast
Canary Islands
The Eumetsat satellite makes it possible to distinguish the high and the low pressures on Africa and Morocco during the selected day.

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Eumetsat Satellite

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