A truly extraordinary garden
New: our cactus corner and our play corner
Here are some more recent pictures of the garden
Date palms, banana trees and rosebushes around the pool
The entrance to the Garden of Stars, the prickly pears, which form a green wall, the cactus corner, the path of the Levant, lined with cypress, olive and lavender

The orchard of the fruit trees of Souss, the vine of Latifa, the orange trees, the tangerines, the lemon trees, the grapefruits, the path of the Sunset

Watch our videos above ! The first is the song "My friend the rose" (in frenche), interpreted by Natasha Atlas. Then "Let's go to the riad by the garden", "Palm-date palm with birds" and finally "Flowers and plants around the pool".

                   Additional information about the riad : 0041 79 240 26 32


Chemin du Couchant

Vignes et plantes grimpantes