Il faut sauter de plateau en plateau

Il faut sauter de plateau en plateau

Mesurez votre équilibre !

Exercice d'équilibrisme

Exercice d'équilibrisme

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Installation bien faite

Installation bien faite

Ici en bois.

Attachez vos mousquetons

Attachez vos mousquetons

La sécurité au premier plan

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Tree climbing course Souss Park

Do your children and teenagers need to stretch their feet and hands? Here is an activity to please them: the tree climbing course located in a eucalyptus forest, next to the Golf de l'Océan, in Bensergao. You can get there in three quarters of an hour from our riad.

Stretching over about two hectares of dunes, the tree climbing named Souss Park is made up of several courses, made up of hanging games made of wood and ropes. These allow participants to move among the trees, at various heights.

Five levels

Suitable for all ages, the courses include five levels:

  • L'Ecureuil, white course (level 1) with a height of one meter, intended for children from 4 years old;

  • The Ibis, yellow course (level 2) from 7 years old;

  • L'Epervier, a green course (level 3) with a height of three meters or more;

  • Le Faucon, blue course (level 4) with a height of 6 meters or more;

  • The Golden Eagle, red course (level 5) over 10 meters high, intended for the most experienced and intrepid.

Respect the environment

According to the operator, the courses are installed according to strict standards of safety and respect for the environment. The marked trails, he says, were set up to prevent damage to the roots. The platforms and cables were fixed by clamping, without altering the shafts. The sap continues to circulate and the deformation of the trunks is limited. Finally, practitioners are made aware of respecting the forest environment.

Prices and address

The Souss Park includes a three hectare recreational area.

The daily rates are quite reasonable:

90 dhs for 4 to 12 years old

150 dhs for 13 to 20 year olds

220 dhs from 21 years old

Address: avenue de l'Embouchure de Oued Souss, 80000 Agadir
Phone: +212546153579

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

50 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles. Prefer to drive on the express road that Google Maps does not seem to know well rather than on the National road. She is faster
and easier!